How I broke up with Lise Watier

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This is not a random-hater post about Lise Watier. It's more like a post about how they truly deceived me tonight. Usualy, I focus on the positive aspects of a product or event, but this time I think it's the little drop of too much... And I need to say how I feel about it.

Tonight, I invited my BFF Izzi to an event that I thought was going to be a-ma-zing. You see, this week I  got an email from Lise Watier's marketing departement who invited us to the launching of a new product at the Rosalie bar restaurant on rue de la Montagne in Montreal from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. So Izzi got to my place, we spread our Lise Watier makeup on the table, did our hair and makeup in the fashion of the night (we were instructed to wear something blue) and got dressed really neat for the event. We were so excited to be part of the launching and test new product for our readers and fellow beauty bloggers. Last week, I got the best lauching event from Groupe Marcelle (Annabelle and Marcelle) and kind of  expected something similar from Lise Watier. Even Izzi expected something big and since she missed the Annabelle event she was eager to be there this time. And with a compagny as famous as Lise Watier, you can expect a big happening that a blogger would never forget!

Indeed, I will never forget this one but not reasons far different than those I had in mind. We got there at 6:45 pm and the sweet hostess of the Rosalie told us with a sincere sympathetic tone that Lise Watier's Beauty Tribe had already left... Wait a minute. What? So just for the fun of it, I went back to the email I was sent and it clearly says that the event ends at 8:30 pm. Here's  a screen shot of what was in my inbox.

The information was everywhere the same, even on the Nightlife magazine's website ( Lise Watier's promises are not acurate and it really sucks for me, for bloggers and all people who received this invitation. When I go to an event or a show, I exepect the same if I get there at 6pm or at 7pm. I presume that, even if I'm a little bit late (cause I've actually 40 minutes of bus and metro before getting there) the events will be still ongoing. It cost us 24$ of bus and metro, so actually we could have bought the promoted product of this shitty event, the flash lift radiance vials, for the price of 27$!!!  It would have saved us the time and the deception to just go to a pharmacy and buy it... not that we will...

Is not the first time I've been disappointed by Lise Watier. Hell no!

First of all, each time I've applied for the Lise Watier's blogger of the month with my "frenchie" blog, Lise Watier took an english blogger. Don't get me wrong here but Lise Watier is well known to be a french canadian compagny! Not hating english bloggers here, you I love you guys, but variety doesn't kill. I know it's strategic marketing but... as a marketer, if I had the task of choosing people to talk about Lise Watier I would pick blogs of both langages so that French and English people can relate to the company/product/whatever, because obviously Lise Watier is a big name for people of the french speaking world.

Oh, and now that I think of it, something else comes in mind. I used to work in a pharmacy of a financially challenged neighborhood and the compagny would ask the store to sell 3 500$ of their products each month! Yep, 3 500$ each MONTH! No representant came to see why we never managed to reach their quota. If they had taken the time and consideration for their customers and business partners in my area, they would have realized pretty fast that this was not an acheivable goal. But they did not care about people.

Funny thing as well: Lise Watier is well known to be a Canadian brand. Think again. Let's play a game shall we? Look at those pictures of products. They all came from Lise Watier and I bought them with my own money. Anything looking fishy here?

Did you see it? Lise Watier's products are not 100% canadian despite common belief, some of them are from USA and Italy. I tought I was buying canadian products. Lise Watier, it was the last time you took me for a fool.

Now here's a dollar or two that I won't be spending on Watier, but rahter on Make Up For Ever or Groupe Marcelle, simply because they kept promises done and they are renowned for their honesty with their customers!

So Lise Watier, thanks for nothing!

This pics is a copyscreen of their facebook! They posted at 7pm: EVENT CANCEL! If you have to cancel something, you must do it hours before the event, not during the event, and not on Facebook!

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  1. tu sais quoi moi je ne suis jamais invité à ce genre de soirée et je n'ai jamais recu de produits gratuit sauf un pinceau sigma et un glymm box et franchement i don t care si ils ne veulent pas de moi et bien tant pis , c'est sure que ce n'ai pas serieux de leurs part , pour ampoule flash lift éclat moi j'ai recu une dans mon glymm box que j'ai payé avec mon argent , et c'est vrai moi aussi j'ai remarqué qu 'on donne plus d'importance aux blogs anglais c'est pour cela qu'il y a pleins de filles qui on laisser tomber leur blogs parcequ il y a pas assez de visite et pas beaucoup de membres tu sais quoi take it easy .

  2. vraiment,vraiment pas professionnel, je n'ai jamais acheter lise watier (par manque de budget) mais apres avoir lu un article comme ca, c'est sur que je n'acheterais pas


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