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Hi Stunning!
Many french people may know me has Josy from the blog etreradieuse.com. I decided with a bunch of good friend to make the same blog (not the same, same, but the spirit of the blog in english). etreradieuse.com is really seen over 1000 people per day around the world. Why Be Stunning? If I've to Traduce Etre Radieuse it's mean Be Radiant, but in french is a common expression for all woman, we want to be radiant. But I don't like it in english, a thought it's sound fake. But Be Stunning, it's mean the same thing, so I up for it.

So what Be Stunning will be about?

Make Up, Fashion and Beauty, and also my little touch of coffee (I'm coffee addicted) and my self.

Thing you must to know about me?

etreradieuse.com is existing for more than a year.
I'm Studying for becoming aesthecian
My first langage is french
I love Desperate Housewives, Make Up and many other stuff.

Well you'll know me over the weeks.

See you soon, and don't forget to follow me!

Thanks a lot!

See you :)

Oh and I almost forgot... I start another blog with this one, but is on make up special effect: http://josyfxmu.blogspot.com/

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