Winter inspiration Make Up!

Hi Stunning!

Originaly this make up was making for my french blog  Yes I re-use my stuff. But it's really fresh, I post it this morning! But I cannot each time make exclusivity for here, but I promess you'll have that don't have!

This morning I tought about Christmas... I know... We're in November, but it a month before. Make Up is more fun instead of christmas song. Well! My opinion! One month before x-mas, I did a make up tutorial inspired by snow at night. You know the blue and purple color with white color, something really soft where the whiteness of the snow is colored by the night. I think those color are pretty!

I've chose an inspiring image for show you what inspired me exactly.

You'll Need!

Make Up Base HD Make Up For Ever, Concealer and Foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix
(Bourjois are at Shopperdrugmart)
& Finition HD Powder Make Up For Ever!
We also need Urban Decay Eye Shadow Potion,
The smoky Lash from Make Up For Ever, The Aqua Eyes from Make Up For Ever,
The Sweet heart quads  from Sugarpill,  blush Make Up For Ever
coulor n.9. Those products are really awesome!

I do my foundation first, I'll make you a tutoriel about it in the next day. But I apply the Make Up For Ever HD Base, than my Bourjois concealer and fundation and I finish with the HD Fintion powder of Make Up For Ever.

I choose the color  Tako From Sugarpill. Is white as snow ;)

I Apply Tako all over for gave the aspect of snow.

It's look like this once is apply!

Once tako is apply on my eyes, I Choose Sugarpill Afterparty as the blue shadow for this winter tutorial. For be sure that the blue is perfectly blend, I took sigma brush E-40 for apply the color.

I apply After Party over the crease.

Once the blue is done, it look like this.

My third color is a blush from Make Up For Ever.  The number of this color is n.9. It's a kind of soft purple-pink color.

I apply this color over the blue and blend it with the blue.

See the result!

You can blend it a little more with Sigma E-40!

I complete the look with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye and Smoky Lash Mascara.

Et voilà!

And yes sometime I wear wig!

See ya!

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